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Attorneys at Brian DiPietro Law, PLLC are experienced professionals that have plenty of experience defending clients in the Phoenix area. With 33 years of experience in the Drug Possession field, our firm is highly prepared to tackle your unique case. We have helped many clients in criminal cases in the Phoenix area with a long history of successful cases.

A Drug Possession charge means you could likely face jail time, and at the very least you will be facing a very hefty fine. If you are in Phoenix then Brian DiPietro Law, PLLC can help you fight your charges with a dedicated and professional legal defense team that uses our 33 years of experience to figure out how to best help each of our clients. We have helped clients in Phoenix see results such as reduced sentencing, plea bargains and even dropped charges. 

If you get charged with a Drug Possession charge, you could be facing the repercussions of this situation for the rest of your life. Brian DiPietro Law, PLLC has been helping clients for 33 years and we have seen all levels of success. 

Our Lawyers are Waiting to Help You in Your Drug Possession case, So Call Us Today!

Do not try to drive through the winding road that is a Drug Possession case all on your own. Let our lawyers in the Phoenix area help you maneuver your way with their 33 years of experience. We have successfully gotten reduced sentences for our customers facing Drug Possession charges, and we want you to be our next success story. Give us a call today at (623) 242-1535 to speak to our representative.

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