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In our 33 years working with clients, we have seen that most of the individuals who contact our DWI Defense firm are experiencing trouble with the law for the first time. At Brian DiPietro Law, PLLC, we know that good people are not exempt from being pulled into the chaos of the justice system. We want to help you through your DWI Defense case.

When you or someone close to you is facing DWI Defense charges in the Peoria area, you need the legal experience of Brian DiPietro Law, PLLC at your side. We have helped countless clients in the Peoria area through their DWI Defense cases, getting such results as reduced sentencing, reduced bail and even dropped charges. 

A criminal conviction resulting from DWI Defense charges could bring with it dire consequences. Not only could you be facing jail time, but even if you do not you could face a very difficult time retaining your job in Peoria or even finding a new one. At Brian DiPietro Law, PLLC, we have been helping clients throughout Peoria for 33 years, constantly trying to improve their chances of finding success in the courtroom.

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Do not go through a DWI Defense case alone. Given the chance, prosecutors in Peoria will tear you limb from limb ensuring their own rise through the ranks of their firm. Give us, Brian DiPietro Law, PLLC, a call at (623) 242-1535 and make sure their happiness will not come at the cost of yours. 

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